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AAG Property Solutions

Sourcing good solid investment property that will bring in a good return for years to come.

AAG Property is a small family run, investment enterprise, consisting of a Father & Son team, with a drive to assist others in becoming successful with their property investments. At AAG property, we strive to provide a good standard of living for local families, whilst hopefully increasing the value of properties with a high standard of refurbishment.

Our aim is to deliver an honest and trustworthy service, designed to make your money work hard for you. We will endeavor to do this by sourcing good solid investment properties that will bring in a good return for years to come.

AAG Property administer a bespoke service, tailored to the requirements of our investors. We are able to support current and potential investors, facilitating a hands free entry into property investment. AAG Property concentrate on locating available properties to meet the agreed specification of a clients request.

AAG Property can also provide Project Management, alongside a trusted trade team, of any refurbishment works that are necessary to bring the property up the requisite market standard.


If you are a potential Property Investor who maybe unsure where to start, it can sometimes seem overwhelming, property is a great investment strategy when managed correctly, however without the knowledge and experience of property investing, it could possibly prove to be a very costly mistake. Whether you are starting out in property investment, or are wishing to expand your existing portfolio we can help guide and support you in the process. We are here to help you achieve your goals and offer guidance along each step of the process.


Project Managing the refurbishment of a property, can be a concern for any investor, seeking to invest in property miles from home. There are lots of questions you will have such as; ‘Who can I trust?’ ‘How do I know if they are doing the right job?’

AAG Property are able Project Manage the refurbishment, from beginning to end, by working with a trusted and reliable team of local tradesmen, with a proven record of successful completion, endorsed from our existing clients.

We have a team of trusted and reliable professionals including; Mortgage Broker; Solicitors; Surveyors; Plasterers; Plumbers; Electricians; Joiners; Decorators.


We currently work with clients that want just the one or two investment properties and also, clients that wish to build a portfolio of several. AAG property will assist with the facilitation of an investment plan, suited to your budget and requirements.


Rent: £525
Purchase price: £55,000
Refurbishment: £6,000
Yield: 10%
18.8% ROCE


Rent: £525
Purchase price: £55,000
Refurbishment: £10,900
Yield: 9.1%
14.1% ROCE


Rent: £500
Purchase price: £44,000
Refurbishment: £11,000
Yield: 10.4%
ROCE: 15.5%


Rent: £475
Purchase price: £47,500
Refurbishment: £5,425
Yield: 10%
ROCE 16.6%


Rent: £475
Purchase price: £50,000
Refurbishment: £8,000
Yield: 9.5%
ROCE 16.5%

As a remote investor I was fortunate to come across a company like AAG that is passionate and dedicated to providing a bespoke service catered to your requirements either sourcing a property, managing the refurbishment or both. They are local guys and genuinely friendly with a wealth of knowledge of the environment and important trade contacts.
I can’t wait for my next project with them and have no hesitation in recommending them to other investors.